Memory of a Miner

a true-life story from Harlan County's heyday

Downtown Evarts in the late 1940s. The building in the center divides what at that time was the shortest one-way street in the country.

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About the Book

31 camp, 31 tipple, Kenvir, Black Mountain, Peabody Coal Co

Memory of a Miner – a book about
Harlan County, coal mining, coal
miners, and coal wars.

Here’s more of what you’ll find inside . . . 

  • Watch the unfolding drama of the days when Harlan County was “Bloody Harlan,” from an angle you've never seen before. (Did you know the essence of this nickname goes all the way back to the earliest settlers in Kentucky?)
  • Be astonished by the quirky and unbelievable real-life antics of an endearing miner who loved adventures and loved just as much to share them with others.
  • Take a front-row seat to the Battle of Evarts - the single most famous point of conflict over miners' rights in the entire history of Harlan County.
  • Understand why such pride was taken in being a member of one of the best mine rescue teams around.
  • Let this miner take you inside of what it felt like to be a direct target of hired "gun thugs," as their machine guns tear up the pavement all around you. (Another surprise for you - four times as many miners died at this ambush than in the Battle of Evarts, but few people outside of locals even know about this one!)

This book will let you see firsthand what these days were really like.

Who Would Enjoy Memory of a Miner ?

If you have mining in your roots or in you own life…
…the day-to-day challenges, risks and victories revisited in Memory of a Miner will resonate with you.  Even though it is the recording of one miner’s experience, it truly captures the life and times of all Appalachian miners of that day.

If you are riveted by reading true-life action/adventure…
…there are ample one-of-a-kind stories that will keep you turning pages to the very end.

If you’re a student of southern Appalachian history…
…you’ll appreciate both the historical integrity of this book as well as the personal and intimate perspective it offers.

And if you enjoy stories about salt-of-the-earth folk who fight for what they believe in…
…you will love Memory of a Miner.  This narrative fleshes out the robust day-to-day life of real people who knew how to work hard and play hard.

Thanks for reading!


P.S.  Whether you have an interest in mining…or history…or just love a good read – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ll enjoy sharing in the memories of this particularly intriguing miner.  And if I were to guess, I’d say that by the time you’re done reading you’ll feel like this miner is an old friend!

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